Our goal is simple. To inspire.
To inspire people all across the world.
To make a difference, no matter
how big or small that difference may be.
Words are power. Words have the
ability to impact and change lives.
Become a part of our movement and
help us make a difference.

Who Is Hp Lyrikz?

Growing up there was only 1 thing that I wanted, being accepted for who I am. As a kid I was overweight, and a lot of people would make fun of me for that. I used to have a “nerdy” hairstyle, and wore thick glasses, and it was just something about me that made me the center of everybody’s joke.

I’m Indian so a lot of the kids would make racist remarks and talk to me in that Cliché Indian accent. I’ve gotten beat up in class in front of everyone for no reason. I remember this kid just came up to me and slapped my glasses off and everyone just laughed. When you’re young, little things like that hit you hard. I had to keep going back everyday and pretend like it doesn’t affect me.

When I was around 14, I met a girl and that was the first time I actually felt accepted. She made me feel better and talking to her seemed to just fix everything. But after a few months she left me for another guy. Why? because I was fat. I still remember those words till this day.

I started taking my stress and anger out in poetry, and over the years that evolved into music. I lost all my weight, and drowned myself in music. It got to a point where I did nothing in school but write songs. I had no friends, I was failing all my classes, and everybody still had a problem with me but I didn’t care. As long as i can write, I felt home.

I’ve dropped out of High school to turn my entire attention on music. That’s all that I wanted. I have a special kind of love for words. Which is why I made this Blog. I want to inspire people who may be going through what I went through. I want to teach people that it’s okay to be yourself, and it’s okay to stand alone. Over the years I’ve learned never to give up, and I’ve learned that a lot of people will tell you to quit, they will try to bring you down and tell you things to break you. But the only voice you should listen to, is your own.

My goal is to make it as a successful music artist.
Seems like a long shot right? but if I learned anything from my life, it’s that you can do anything… if you truly believe you can.

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Who Is Hp Lyrikz?
Who Is Hp Lyrikz?
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